Rethm celebrated 20 years of being in production.......the year Covid decided to disrupt all our lives. Like thousands of businesses around the world, we had to shut down our workshops. We took this as an opportunity to re-examine our speakers critically. While we had a lot of admirers around the world, we did sometimes get feedback about one shortcoming : a lack of heft or density in the lower midrange and upper bass regions. For us, every criticism is a challenge.

We saw this as a good time to see what we could do about this issue, and literally went back to the drawing board. It had also been 10 years since we had last redesigned the line. We therefore saw this as the perfect time and opportunity to undertake a comprehensive rethink of the entire speaker line.......and that is exactly what we did.

And today, 18 months after we began on this mission, we have a line of 4 totally new models. We have chosen to retain the old names though, for continuities sake. They sound different, and they look different.

Of course we love our speakers, and think they sound great. However we are always trying to improve little things wherever and whenever we can. And apart from the aforementioned weakness in the lower midrange, we felt there was one other area that could do with some improvement. The bass. Our speakers have always been admired for its bass performance and its great integration despite being powered. However we felt that we could get better dynamics in the bass by redesigning the enclosures such that the bass drivers were relocated from the bottom of the enclosures, to front firing. This change coupled with the labirynth redesign we had to undertake to address the lower midrange issue, meant a I total redesign of the enclosure.

Hence, the new aesthetic for the enclosure too. " Form follows Function ".